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It is quite rare to find someone who brings a strong balance of technical skills and team work to the table. And this is exactly what Mohammad does.
Mohammad displayed a profound sense of dedication towards the agency, the team and just as importantly, the clients. His ability to lead, manage and deliver exceptional output within set timelines and quality standards, makes him a valuable asset to have on any team.
Adding to his technical capabilities, Mohammad radiates a positive attitude making him extremely comfortable to work with.
Arwa Daham
General Manager – Leo Burnett

Mohammad has a knack for taking the most complex of concepts and feelings and simplifying them so that even a simple stroke or line speaks volumes.
His work evokes so much power and emotion with such simplicity that will have you thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?”. But you won’t, because that’s what he’s there for.
Jude Shammout
General Manager – HUE ID

Working with Moe is a great pleasure. He always has an open channel of communication which allows us to bounce ideas off each other.
He’s very intricate with his designs and the results are amusing to say the least. Very unique work that is eye pleasing and interesting..
Aram Taminian
Creative Director – Leo Burnett

Moe is a unique clever creative person, classy designs with his own touch are always there, perfectionist and professional with all its meanings.
Also he is very aware of trendy art styles worldwide and in national basis, he also has his own leadership style inspiring designers around him.
Ziad Hamdan
Creative Director – Odin Media

I like to work with people that are as passionate about what they do as I am.

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